• 6 Month Program


    You took the first step to an extraordinary commitment to your health and wellness. Over the next 6 months (24 weeks): 12 sessions (60-90 min) and 12 accountability calls (15-20 min), we will work together to create the goals you set into existence for yourself and your life. We use mindset, movement, nutrition, education, nervous system regulation, breath work, meditation, discussion, and essential oils to anchor a new way of being.


    We determine what goals you will achieve and formulate an attainable action plan. You are supported by Renee with guidance, encouragement, tools, weekly assignments, reading material, and result reports.


    Most of this program occurs outside of our sessions, namely your everyday life, therefore the results are in your hands. Please read these statements, fill out the Health History Form with any helpful information and sign below. Skip any questions that are not applicable to you.


    I am committed to my own personal health and wellness.

    I am ready to do the work and find clarity in my purpose.

    I am open to new concepts, tools, and exercises.

    I fulfill the commitments I make to myself, my coach and my accountability partner.

    I understand the importance of eating nourishing foods.

    I understand the importance of consistent exercise.

    I find a healthy balance between work and play.

    I am grateful for the relationships in my life.

    I listen to my body’s wants and needs.

    I powerfully deal with the stressors in my life.

    I will attend 12 sessions, be present and fully participate.

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